Biosecurity inspection of a root crop

Welcome to the Quarantine Division of the American Samoa Department of Agriculture, where we play a crucial role in safeguarding the territory from the introduction and spread of pests and diseases that could harm our agricultural and natural resources.

Following the Food and Agriculture Organization definition, quarantine refers to the imposition of restrictions or other control methods on the production, movement, or existence of plants, plant material, animals, animal products, or any other goods. Our primary objective is to prevent or limit the introduction or spread of quarantine pests through effective measures.

At all points of entry and exit of the territory, including ports and airports, you will find our dedicated team from the DOA Plant and Animal Quarantine (PAQ) division. We rigorously enforce control methods to regulate the movement of imports and exports, ensuring compliance with established protocols and regulations.

Education is a key aspect of our work. We are committed to informing travelers about the allowable transportation of foods, goods, plants, and animals to prevent inadvertent violations of quarantine regulations.

In our capacity, we have the authority to confiscate any illegal imported or exported goods or products for proper disposal, thereby mitigating potential risks to our agriculture and environment.

Furthermore, the DOA PAQ division is responsible for issuing ALL Import and Export Permits for the territory. We meticulously evaluate permit applications, considering the potential risks and ensuring that necessary precautions are taken to safeguard American Samoa's agricultural interests.

Through our vigilant efforts, the Quarantine Division contributes to maintaining the health and integrity of American Samoa's agricultural sector, protecting it against the threats posed by invasive pests and diseases. We remain dedicated to our mission of preserving the unique biodiversity and productivity of our beloved territory for generations to come.