Administrative Division of the AS Department of Agriculture

The Administrative Division of the American Samoa Department of Agriculture is dedicated to maintaining the smooth functioning of the department's essential operations.

As the custodian of the department's personnel records, we ensure accurate and secure documentation of our valuable team members.

Our responsibilities extend to managing human resources operations, providing support to staff members with matters related to employment, benefits, and professional development.

In our role, we prepare local financial reports and meticulously craft departmental and divisional budgets for each fiscal year, ensuring transparent and accountable financial management.

Efficiency is key to our operations, and we take pride in managing office stock, overseeing expenses, and adhering to office budgets. We maintain organized company records to facilitate smooth operations and effective decision-making.

Furthermore, our division oversees procurement processes, ensuring the timely acquisition of grant project supplies, local project materials, and office necessities. We prioritize efficiency and compliance in all procurement activities.

One of our highlights is the initiation and execution of annual agriculture farm fairs, promoting local agriculture, fostering community engagement, and celebrating the rich agricultural heritage of American Samoa.

At the Administrative Division, we are committed to upholding the department's mission by providing reliable administrative support and fostering a conducive environment for growth and innovation within the American Samoa agricultural community.