The Livestock Division of the American Samoa Department of Agriculture is committed to supporting the health, welfare, and productivity of livestock throughout the territory.

One of our primary responsibilities is to conduct thorough livestock inspections for both existing and new subsistence or commercial piggeries, cattle ranches, and poultry farms across American Samoa. Through these inspections, we ensure compliance with regulations, promote animal health and welfare, and safeguard against the spread of diseases.

In addition to our regulatory functions, we are dedicated to providing training and outreach programs for livestock farmers. These programs focus on sharing best practices and strategies for livestock farming, covering topics such as nutrition, breeding, disease management, and facility maintenance. By empowering farmers with knowledge and skills, we aim to enhance the sustainability and profitability of livestock operations in our community.

Collaboration is key to our success, and we work closely with the Research and Production division to monitor and administer livestock federal grant projects. Through effective coordination and reporting, we ensure that these projects are implemented efficiently and contribute to the advancement of livestock farming practices in American Samoa.

At the Livestock Division, we are passionate about supporting the livelihoods of livestock farmers and promoting the growth of the livestock industry in our territory. Through our dedication to animal welfare, education, and collaboration, we strive to build a thriving and sustainable livestock sector that enriches our community and contributes to the overall prosperity of American Samoa.