Welcome to the Extension Division of the American Samoa Department of Agriculture, where we are dedicated to empowering our community through education, outreach, and support services in agriculture.

Our division takes pride in managing and conducting informal educational processes and outreach programs to local schools, spanning from elementary to college-level students. We focus on educating the next generation about agricultural processes, from basic principles to advanced farming strategies. By fostering an understanding of agriculture's importance and its role in sustainable food production, we aim to inspire future generations to become stewards of the land.

In addition to our educational efforts, we oversee field farm operations and provide technical assistance and guidance to local farmers. Through personalized support and access to resources, we help farmers optimize their farming techniques, increase productivity, and improve sustainability practices. Our team is committed to empowering farmers with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in today's agricultural landscape.

Furthermore, we play a vital role in monitoring and administering federal grant projects for the department. By effectively managing these projects, we leverage external funding to implement initiatives that benefit our agricultural community and advance the department's mission.

At the Extension Division, we believe in the power of education, outreach, and collaboration to drive positive change in agriculture. Through our dedication to serving the community, we strive to cultivate a resilient and thriving agricultural sector that sustains livelihoods, promotes food security, and preserves our natural resources for future generations.